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Touch By VLS is the definition of Caribbean Modernism meets whimsy.  Our current body of work, the Urchin Collection is an expressive ode to nature, extending from the depths of the sea to your tables, walls and ceilings, creating a magical world of colour and contrast, texture and edge. The 3D profusion of spikes as well as the carved play of shadow and light create a harmonious yet dynamic sense of style and heart. To touch and experience our work is to forever make a place for it in your senses as each of our pieces is highly interactive. These are the objects you drink tea from, that you curl up under to read a good book, and that you share your home with. Whether holding an urchin sculpture, slowly enjoying the texture of its spikes; or pouring tea from our Sea Egg teapot and cradling the warmth of your favorite mug, we thank you for completing a call and response that began with an idea that has only grown and grown. Thank you for taking the journey with us, for interacting with our work, for sharing it with others, for remembering to take time for tea and doing it in style with us!

Peace and Love,







Check our calendar for open studios, trunk shows and pop ups, Want us to pop up at your special event? Book us!

Shop our urchin inspired line of handmade Jamaican ceramics now! We ship internationally.

Shopping in Jamaica? We are retailing in gift shops island wide, from Kingston to Ocho Rios. right to Treasure Beach. Flying out? We are at both airports.

We now boast an organic selection of hand crafted soaps. Shop our unique soap blends as well as our eclectic bath accessories.




TOUCH BY VLS like many local SMEs started as a dream which was slowly brought to life through sheer will, innovation and support. Without family, the Branson Centre, JIPO, The Authentic Jamaica Competition, The JMA, JBDC, UNDP, our faithful clients, and this Pitch 2 Rich Competition right here, none of this would have been possible. Year 5 and we're still alive :) If you're a budding ART entrepreneur and you're reading this please look up all the resources I just mentioned but most importantly look into yourself and find that never ending reserve of creativity and strength that is your connection to the Universe.

This is the Official Entrepreneur seal from the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean given to Victoria Silvera for official completion of their program as well as active membership.

© 2013-2019 by Victoria Silvera, Touch By VLS

Stong Ray Tableau Platter
Spiny Sea Urchin Coral Platter
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