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Our Mission

We want to produce innovative designs that enrich people’s lives, reflect their past, allude to their future, and capture the global spirit of an age.

What we do

Touch by VLS is a contemporary ceramics studio that produces art and artisanal pieces for exhibition and retail in local and global markets. Our current series, The Urchin Collection, is a unified mix of handmade ceramic sculpture, lighting and crockery featuring experimental decorative processes such as 3D slip trailing, hand carving, silk-screened decals and multimedia additions, including driftwood and pendant lighting. Our collections are expressive, innovative and elegant, extending from ground to table to ceiling, creating interactive worlds ripe for exhibition and retail.




I grew up like the storybook character Eloise, except that Stony Hill Hotel was my Plaza. It was a lovely hotel filled with giant tiled mosaics, Picasso reproductions, Kapo, kitsche, ceramics by The 2 Todds and figurative lamps nestled against cut stone, antique white, gray and red walls. This upbringing gave me a very holistic approach to art, its many mediums and possibilities, especially those of a plastic and 3 dimensional nature.


When I attended Swarthmore College I cemented my love of art with a Bachelors in Studio Arts- my primary concentration in ceramics and installation. I moved to the Big Apple where I pursued my Masters in Media Studies at The New School, and still drawn to art, I focused on experimental video and its multimedia applications.



In 2013 I returned to my roots in clay and Jamaica where I founded Touch By VLS. I started with a bag of clay and a borrowed wheel and I haven't looked back since!


I credit the Branson Centre for making me the informed and proactive entrepreneur I am today. I could not have taken the work of these two hands to the next level without their invaluable coaching, as well as a very real and tangible access to financing and mentorship.


Thank you!




carved decorative canoe filled with ceramic urchin scultures on Lime Cay with Kingston Harbour in the background
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